Finance a 1/5 Scale RC Today

In the RC Racing world, 1/5 scale vehicles are the kings. They are the biggest, baddest and the fastest.

However that means the cost is also the highest. That’s where our EASY FINANCING options come into play.

Here at King Cobra of Florida, you can get into the 1/5 scale RC world for as little as $30 bucks a month with first month’s payment due up front.

How To Finance a 1/5 Scale RC Here at King Cobra

Simply add the items to your cart, and go to the checkout.


Here is a nice selection of 1/5 scale RC we have available..

Then go to checkout!

During checkout we have 4 powerful options for driving now, paying later.

They are all automated, meaning you don’t have to talk to anyone or fill out any applications.

Submit Your Application During Checkout

Simply go to checkout with your items in your cart, and choose one of the easy payment options, that are NOT credit card or paypal, etc.

We have four different payment plan companies all competing for your business! Each one leads you to an easy, secure, instant online application.

Best of all, you are not obligated to accept any finance offer, and applying does NOT hurt your credit!

Tip: Try All Options To Compare & Save.

Some options are different for some people, so you never know which will give you the best deal.

The more options you try, the more options you’ll have.

Simply submit the application and you are done.

Then, We Reach Out To Finalize Everything

Once we reach out to you directly to confirm everything, and you make your first month payment, then your finance order is approved by our staff, your order gets shipped to your door!


The Financing Team @ King Cobra of Florida

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