Buy RC Cars and Pay Monthly!

Want to buy an RC car and pay monthly?  You are in the right place!  This tutorial explains how you can buy an RC Car with a monthly payment plan,  right here on our website.

We have several monthly payment plan options for your next RC car purchase, available during checkout.


How To Finance RC Cars

Simply add the RC cars you want to pay monthly for,  to your shopping cart here on and then select a monthly payment plan during checkout!

You’ll be able to make your first payment right away and we’ll ship your rc car a few days later!

For Radio Control fans,  there is no better fun than bashing or racing your favorite RC vehicle.

However all that fun usually comes at a price! Most RC vehicles cost hundreds more than your average remote control toy car,   it can get very expensive very quickly to buy and maintain a proper radio control vehicle!  (nevermind the serious collector with multiple vehicles!)


Estimating Your Payments

You can also see an estimate of the monthly payment plan price – BEFORE you checkout.

When viewing a product, just look under the add to cart button like the example below:


On each product’s page you’ll be able to see the estimated monthly payments of this item.   This will give you an idea what the monthly payment plan would be for this item.


Choosing a Payment Plan

When you are ready to finance an item, simply add it to cart,  and continue shopping.  When you are ready to checkout, go to checkout to choose one of these payment plans:





During checkout,  each of these payment plan options will be presented to you.

The first one, Klarna is the easiest and fastest to complete and requires no credit check.

Once you have selected a payment plan options,  you can make your first payment right from our checkout.


Payment Plans Made Easy

That’s it,  you are now done buying an RC Car with a Monthly Payment Plan!  Wasn’t that easy?

Hope this was an easy way for you to get your RC car and if you ever have questions on our payment plans, just give us a call.





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